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  2. hi I use these codes for make a dark-light mode: js: const toggleSwitch = document.querySelector('.daa input[type="checkbox"]'); const currentTheme = localStorage.getItem('theme'); if (currentTheme) { document.documentElement.setAttribute('dark-mode', currentTheme); if (currentTheme === 'night') { toggleSwitch.checked = true; } } function switchTheme(e) { if (e.target.checked) { document.documentElement.setAttribute('dark-mode', 'night'); localStorage.setItem('theme', 'night'); } else { document.documentElement.setAttribute('dark-mode', 'light'); localStorage.setItem('theme', 'light'); } } toggleSwitch.addEventListener('change', switchTheme, false); html: <label class="daa showguest" for="checkbox"> <input class="l" type="checkbox"></label> <script> css: .1 { font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.5; display: block; margin-bottom: 1.5em; } html[dir="rtl"] .daa { padding: 1.5em 0 0 0; text-align: center; direction:ltr; position:relative; margin-left:-21px; top:-5px; } html[dir="ltr"] .daa { padding: 1.5em 0 0 0; text-align: center; direction:ltr; position:relative; margin-right:-21px; top:-5px; } html[dir="ltr"] .showguest { margin-right: 1px; } html[dir="rtl"] .showguest { margin-left: -7px; } .l { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.11); border-radius: 0.75em; box-shadow: 0.125em 0.125em 0 0.125em rgba(0,0,0,0.3) inset; color: #f5f8f9; display: inline-flex; align-items: center; margin: auto; padding: 0.15em; width: 3em; height: 1.5em; transition: background-color 0.1s 0.3s ease-out, box-shadow 0.1s 0.3s ease-out; -webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; } .l:before, .l:after { content: ""; display: block; box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0; padding: 0; } .l:before { background-color: #fdea7b; border-radius: 50%; width: 1.2em; height: 1.2em; transition: background-color 0.1s 0.3s ease-out, transform 0.3s ease-out; z-index: 1; } .l:after { background: linear-gradient(transparent 50%, rgba(0,0,0,0.15) 0) 0 50% / 50% 100%, repeating-linear-gradient(90deg,#bbb 0,#bbb,#bbb 20%,#999 20%,#999 40%) 0 50% / 50% 100%, radial-gradient(circle at 50% 50%,#888 25%, transparent 26%); background-repeat: no-repeat; border: 0.25em solid transparent; border-left: 0.4em solid #d8d8d8; border-right: 0 solid transparent; transition: border-left-color 0.1s 0.3s ease-out, transform 0.3s ease-out; transform: translateX(-22.5%); transform-origin: 25% 50%; width: 1.2em; height: 1em; } /* Checked */ .l:checked { background-color: rgb(100, 101, 104); box-shadow: 0.125em 0.125em 0 0.125em rgb(100, 101, 104) inset; } .l:checked:before { background-color: currentColor; transform: translateX(125%) } .l:checked:after { border-left-color: currentColor; transform: translateX(-2.5%) rotateY(180deg); } /* Other States */ .l:focus { /* Usually an anti-A11Y practice but set to remove an annoyance just for this demo */ outline: 0; } in css I use this structure: /*for dark*/ html[dark-mode="night"] body { background: red; } /*for light*/ body { background: #fff; } when I put HTML code in userbar template everything good works but when I wanna put this code in mobilenavbar or mobilenavigation it doesn't work and in search console I got below error: Uncaught SyntaxError: redeclaration of const toggleSwitch <anonymous> http://localhost/dev/:1042
  3. Thx four your suggestions, will be added in the next update.
  4. @V0RT3X I also had to change Area background color from #edf2f7 to #323232.
  5. Hi! Another adjustment I had to do. I had to include the following in my custom.css: .ipsTags .ipsTag, .ipsTag_prefix { color: rgb(var(--theme-link)) !important; } .ipsBadge_highlightedGroup { --badge--background: inherit; } Also, we have an issue with the editor, which I believe is only fixable by creating a "skin" for the CKEditor. The text area becomes white when clicking the "Source" button; The background when clicking drop-down menus such as font color and font size are not dark. Let me know if you have any solution to those issue. Thank you in advance.
  6. @V0RT3X Thanks for the time you spent creating this incredible theme -- and for free! :) Please take a look at the Widget Title Bar default color variable. It is #181818, which makes the bar invisible. I believe the correct value shold be #212121 and this what I changed here in our install. Also, I had to change the Selected color from #ebf4f9 to #2d3748. Thanks! :)
  7. Supportthread for Who's Online Avatars (Online Avatare) Just updated to version 1.1.1, it contains a fix for Invision Community 4.6.8. If you are still on an older IPS-Version maybe better use 1.1.0! You can see a live demo on this site.
  8. That code above is from the location test script I used for building my Simple Search plugin, that searches only the app you are currently viewing. It hooks in the global template and not in the CSS file.
  9. hi again I use this way: .hero-image { {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == "forums"}} background-image: url("https://example.com/5i4g1gqwh/Untitled-1.jpg"); {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == "downloads"}} background-image: url("https://example.com/5i4g1gqwh/Untitled-2.jpg"); {{endif}} height: 100%; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; position: relative; height: 500px; } but it doesn't work
  10. Hi, that's pretty easy, this should help you ... {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == "cms"}} CMS {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == "forums"}} Forum {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == "downloads"}} Downloads {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == "gallery"}} Gallery {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == "blog"}} Blog {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == "calendar"}} Calendar {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == "nexus"}} Nexus {{else}} Sonstwo {{endif}}
  11. hi my lords I wanna use Different custom header image in apps. for example Show a photo when I'm in the forum and another when I'm on the blog
  12. Support-topic for Page Load Progress Bar.
  13. Support-topic for Post to PM.
  14. Support-topic for Post Number.
  15. Support-topic for Extra Footer Links, availiable in the Marketplace soon
  16. Version 1.0.2 released HERE and waiting for approval in the Marketplace. It includes the fix from 1.0.1 (see above) and a new setting to show or hide the button on mobile devices.
  17. That sounds insane! I run duken.nl for 15 years now. Had some issues with movie party's before so i need to be on the right side of the gray law. 😅
  18. Yes, you can always have bad luck. I once had a streaming site made with DooPlay and that got shut down pretty quickly. My current site with Pages and the Movies application is a pure fun thing and full movies are only visible for logged in members (a.k.a. friends). Guests can see only the entries like on other sites like IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. The cool thing with Adriano's app is that you can search The MovieDatabase on the fly, but from the search results it drops an IMDb-ID too. This ID I hand over to another API and that fetches the full movies from other popular streaming sites. So I don't have to search for the streams by myself and always have a couple of mirrors that are up if one goes down. Works with 90% of all movies
  19. Well i think that is not enough for "hollywood" to point the finger to me. I can understand that. So the magnet can be used behind closed doors. Just for "fun". If you make this to big the company's will hunt me. :) And thats the thing i don't want for the kids and wife
  20. OK, then we better forget about that. How about adding in the disclaimer every member has to accept or in the GDPR footer some info text?
  21. Wait.. the API is not free... :( 300 a month is a lot of money. Hello,Thank for your interesting!Your demo key: XXXXX (it will be activated in 15 minutes max)API server URL: https://api.antitor.comTest your key: Test FormTotal requests limit: 1000Current requests: 0 Peer API Specification: http://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/assets/docs/PeerAPI.htmlDemo Key limitations: Attribute "infohash" is always empty Max delay of data refreshing up to 24 hours Max days for searching history - 30 Content API Specification: http://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/assets/docs/ContentAPI.htmlDemo Key limitations: Report contains only one country (Greece or Kazakhstan) Torrent API Specification: http://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/assets/docs/TorrentAPI.htmlDemo Key limitations: Attribute "infohash" is always empty Attributes "category", "imdbId" and "title" could be empty Key without limitations Please write to sales@peertrace.com to get key without limitations. Monthly subscription price: Peer API - 150$ (max 10000 requests per day) Content API - 250$ Torrent API - 300$ Peer API, Content API and Torrent API - 499$
  22. Indeed, its a great Idea. I need to check out what is ok to host. I own the application. :) This is really neat 👍 You helped a lot already! Hope you can do something with the other API. Hahahaha a Hindi torrent site 👌
  23. Never heard of this before but I can take a look this weekend
  24. OK, now for the Movies application and without html permissions. Because of THIS I don't have the latest version, only one of the first relases but that should be no problem. First you have to create a new field for your magnet link ... Then edit the template movies -> front -> view -> view and replace this part .... {{foreach $cfields as $field}} {{if $field['location'] == 'below'}} <hr class='ipsHr ipsSpacer_both ipsSpacer_double'> <h2 class='ipsType_sectionHead'>{lang="movies_{$field['key']}"}</h2> <div class='ipsType_richText ipsContained ipsType_break' data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages'> {$field['value']|raw} </div> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} With something like this ... {{if $field['location'] == 'below'}} <hr class='ipsHr'> <video controls src="{$field['value']|raw}"></video> <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@webtor/embed-sdk-js/dist/index.min.js" charset="utf-8" async></script> {{endif}} The application does not come with permissions who can see extra fields, so if you want to hide movies for random visitors (see security reasons above, registered members should know what they are doing) you can use the IPS template syntax, we have some examples HERE. This is your new field when adding a movie ... And this is how it looks in the frontend ... In my opinion the better solution for offering torrent videos - if you already own the app of course.
  25. The player is really cool, even recognizes where a movie was stopped ... The problem with torrent is just when you don't have enough seeders, buffering can take about forever. Plus in some countries it's not allowed and you can get in serious trouble like with Popcorn Time. Even if someone is visiting a link on your site by accident. The player starts downloading and sharing as soon as it is loaded, even before the visitor clicks play. If he forget's to activate his VPN he can have bad luck and is f*cked. I worked for a Hindi torrent site some sears ago, but that's another story, don't ask me how I got that job I'm going to take a look at the movies application now ...
  26. Yes! It works. So insane! But indeed only for users with HTML rights to place a new link.
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