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    Nice and useful!
  1. code should looks like <div data-ipsSticky data-ipsSticky-stickTo="top">{template="navBar" app="core" group="global" params=""}</div> maybe i have wrong ....
  2. @V0RT3X You mean that we must install plugin and use code from topic in second post? (on Ironsight skin) When you said "wrap" what you mean - please can you post here whole code? regards
  3. @V0RT3X i do not see link - how edit templates manually! Now i know some more about plugin - Thanks man!
  4. @V0RT3X Thanks for explanation about missing phrase! What is about picture above - is it ok to see those 2 white boxes when scrolling down page? Here can not see on ironsight - only on default skin and works fine like on my test site! regards
  5. What is "snthemes" in plugin setting? Choose theme?
  6. @V0RT3X Hello Installed and choose Ironsight - when scroll down site - got some white boxes on left and right skin sides see attached picture - that begins when you start scrolling Tested on test site On default IPS theme works fine! Regards
  7. and please same for sticky sidebar
  8. Thanks Spacing i fix with this code .ipsBox { margin-bottom: 20px !important; } but do not know if is it correct ?
  9. How make some space (margin) between posts - https://www.oldlibar.com/ipb/index.php?/topic/8362-belanje-na-toyu/&tab=comments#comment-17799
  10. @V0RT3X Take a look in picture - reactions icon is invisible
    Nice plugin for skins without sticky sidebar in skin settings!
  11. No problem - if you can or have time - no panic !
  12. Thanks for reply - tested your plugin - sticky sidebar - (on my test site) works fine on default skins and your Ironsign but destroy another skins! Should be fine if we vcan choose skin to use with plugin! But never say never! regards
  13. @V0RT3X Have one question - have you some code for sticky sidebar for Ironsight? If i use your plugin - should maybe destroy my another skins what have sticky sidebar? regards and thanks Your code above should i put in ironsight.css or custom.css? I put it in ironsight.css and works fine?
  14. Now i see - must change in code if i want to use 80 % fluid! Thanks for help!
  15. Thanks - you mean this code should fix both issues? (also with fluid wide problem with sec. navbar)
  16. This hapened when i enable fluid size 85% (post above)
  17. Please found one more issue take a look - how resize secondary navbar ?
  18. Hello Nice and simple and fast theme! Need some help take a look in attached image regards You can see in live here - https://www.oldlibar.com/ipb/index.php?/topic/9998-da-vas-pitam/
  19. Is it possible to choose skins what should use sticky sidebar - navigation? I have some skins with sticky navigation - sidebars (Ehren's skins ) have that. Can we use plugin on English language sities? regards
  20. Please can you add Theme in Theme chooser that we can see alive? regards
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