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  1. thanks to reply but I use this tutorial and I have much contents on this Database. can you update this tutorial for this feature?
  2. hi my lords @Sonya* @V0RT3X how can I add a section in my topics?
  3. hi my lords @Sonya* @V0RT3X I use this tutorial for create documentation page but in this tutorial I can't add an ALT-Tag automatically below the image. in this file you said: Image ALT-Tag is displayed as visible caption below the image now, how can I add this feature?
  4. Hi my lords @V0RT3X How can I add a "no password" alert if the user has logged in via a social media and does not have a password. I mean is that, How do I specify to display this message if the user login in with Social media? I think it can be done with if logics But I do not know how
  5. hi my lords I wanna make a page like this below image: can someone give me a tutorial? please
  6. Thanks to reply. I do not know how to add it at all.
  7. hi. thanks for this plugin I installed but I can't add accordion block.
  8. hi everybody how can I make a Documentation page like below link? thanks in advance
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