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  1. Yes it works, have the block live on www.duken.nl :)
  2. There is a issue with long articles with the block. The text is running out of the box :) Is this a little bug or a setting i missed?
  3. Oooo my ooo my! Love this so much, had a issue with the block on 1.08 but ill test the block with 1.09. :) Thank you
  4. Thats also a really good feature. :) And news about the block... ;) Sorry for asking.
    A great plugin with clear settings and a developer with great skills. I replaced supergrid with this 2021 view.
  5. Almost, :) there is White room under the image.
  6. There is a small issue on mobile view within a article. See screenshot. There is a lot of White space above and below the image. 👍
  7. Great installing the new version now! :D Where is article listing on a website...? What view... sorry ;)
  8. Thats true, thanks for that imput :) Hope there can be a "block" template for this. ;) Once more, thank you!
  9. Done! Upgraded and it is working good. https://www.duken.nl/forums/nieuws/top-10-de-meest-gedownloade-films-20092021-candyman-nr-1-r831/ A small tip, a Articles template with 2 large and 3 normal is also a good idea ;) Now we have or 2 big - -2-2-2-2-2 or 3 small 3-3-3-3-3. One extra can be 2-3-3-3-3-3 ;)
  10. Insane, great news! Im happy to test your new releases. Love the frontpage of invisionfocus and the layout of articles. Great job
  11. Sorry to write English. Im Dutch and my German is not to best :) 1st, thank you so much for the template. Its is so much better now. I installed in and it is working great on the news section: https://www.duken.nl/forums/nieuws/ I can't activate it on databases shown as categories. Example: This one: https://www.duken.nl/forums/handleidingen/ shows 3 categories. The templates whitin does not have you great template ;) And is there a way to use this template as an template on a block?
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