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  1. There is a similar issue when a quote is made in a PM, black text on dark grey background, unreadable without highlighting the text. Same colours/effect as in my post from December 10th above.
  2. Got a slight problem in that when a New Member (sub<5 posts) creates a new topic, the backgroound is quite dark, but the text is black so whatever is written is very difficult to read. I'm not sure where to change the text colour to something alittle lighter?
  3. Thank you. I've only recently taken over a forum using Invision, and did not know how easy it was to change to a logo, now all I need to do is figure out how to update to the software that will work with Bravo 6. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I like the look of this theme and would like to add it to our forums as a Dark Mode option. However, themes are not my forte and I just wonder, how easy would it be to change the name of the forum for an image in the forum header please? Thank you
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