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STRIKEFORCE (English Support)

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If you find any possible bugs, please report 'em here and we'll fix them immediately.

Feedback is always welcome too :slightly-smiling-face:


Ready to strike? Boost your community with a modern theme and stand out of the crowd.

Not only for gaming sites, individualize the look to make it fit to your genre.

  • Upload your own background image and use blur effects to focus on the main content.
  • Change the transparency of the main site area or use solid colors instead.
  • Use the pretty boxed layout with a bigger or fluid width.
  • Easily add Font Awesome Icons to navigation and forums in the AdminCP.
  • Stick the header to the top of the page or add a zebra effect to the forum overview.

You will be surprised how the result looks like after playing around with the settings.

Check out a LIVE DEMO with the default settings on our site at InvisionFocus.de (select Strikeforce in the footer). It's free and comes without any brandings or visible copyrights.


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Hey there,

first of all this theme is awesome. Greatly appreciated that you even offer it for free.
Just a minor complain about the blurring effect to which I will come back later this post.

My question is kind a related but also generic about themes. If I adjust settings in themes I do not see any changes in the forums. I assume there is some kind of caching involved that prevents this. I tried using the support tool  to clear them but this did not change anything.

I adjusted the fonts to the theme yesterday and then disabled it again since I had not success and also it got quite late. Today I enabled it again and I saw the font has changed. So maybe the cache was outdated after a few hours?

I also added blurring to the background wallpaper I uploaded but either I am getting old and blind or the blurring does not have any effect on it. I would provide a link to the forums if I get an approval to do so (some communities do not like having links to 3rd party forums being posted without permission ;) ).

Maybe somebody can give me some insights about how this theme stuff works in general. I could not find any official invision guides about caching besides the recommendation to use redis caching backend but I think this is a different story.

Apologies if this is going too far into a general direction. I have seriously no intention to "hijack" this topic.





PS: Deutsch geht auch ;-)

Edited by Werner
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