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Bravo 6 (English Support)


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Hi, I like the look of this theme and would like to add it to our forums as a Dark Mode option. However, themes are not my forte and I just wonder, how easy would it be to change the name of the forum for an image in the forum header please?


Thank you

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At the moment Invision Community 4.5 ist in Beta stage, but you can download it in the IPS Client Area. There's always a little risk when using Betas, but we use it on this site too and it works already pretty good.

We have a german tutorial how to install and upgrade the software HERE, but in the english forum should be something like that too.

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No issues here with the download. Works excellent. I needed a black theme for my community forums. Found Bravo 6 through the Admin Panel of the Invision Community Board. Couldn't download it through there b/c of it being NULLED w/o there license key, but download link works excellent. Thank you very much.

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Thanks a lot for this great theme!


Here's a little Feedback:

  • When quoting someone, the quotebox (frame) inside the editor is not visible.
  • Only after posting, the quote has a different background color than the rest of the posting and can be visually differentiated.
  • The quote headline seems to have still the old bright color
  • The icons for formatting the text in the editor seem not to be optimized for dark background colors, hardly recognizable.



Thanks again for your great work!



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Gerade eben schrieb V0RT3X:

Hi maniac,

thx for the feedback, I'll fix it this weekend :) 

Update will be availiable here about monday, the Marketplace always needs some more time because manual approvement. 

Best regards 


Perfect, thank you so much.

I just would keep on giving feedback without many words if you don't mind.

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Sorry was working on a template for a client and that took a little bit longer than I thought. But that's done now, so I can finish this today. 

The free themes are more some kind of promotion for custom work, that of course has priority support.

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2. Cancel Button


You can edit this in the theme settings via "Link Button". You shouldn't make it too bright/dark, because this is a global setting.

3. Theme Choser


Better? FocusFX Theme is coming soon :winking-face:

4. On/Off Button


Off is better visible now and On even brighter. If you want to change this, search in bravosix.css for ...

.ipsToggle.ipsToggle_on {
  background: #909090;
.ipsToggle.ipsToggle_off {
  background: #505050;

5. Unread Messages


6. Message Count

See above.

Alright, new version uploaded to our filebase and the IPS Marketplace. Please remember MP files always need some days for manual approval, also it's weekend.


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